Last night Sprint Support back tracked once again here Well if that is the case I have two things to mention.   1.  Perhaps Sprint shouldn’t put an announcement out […]

Not only does this continue and Sprint talks in circles, when they actually do bother to respond, many people are complaining. The saga continues here I’m just amazed at so […]

This is the 7th Anniversary of my little blog here! This adventure started off at (still exists without updates) with the actual domain name of to it’s fully […]

This used to happen in newspapers from time to time. Usually in a local, targeted, market area. Many reading this might ask what a newspaper is … anyhow … *smh* […]

Glenn Kenny points out “Point is, 48 fps, and particularly 48 fps in 3-D, is reputed to deliver an image of such stellar clarity that the viewer is apt to […]

This appears to be a neat new little app, at least in concept, from Google.  The thought process goes that Field Trip will prompt you about cool things to see/try […]

It has been a long time since I helped design a website. New site is going up today as a barebones site.  More to be added soon.  Please click on […]

I’ve mulled this over for some time.  I’m even putting this post on a “delayed” entry status so that it posts in the afternoon after I have had a chance […]

What craziness! 300 to stand against and army of 150,000 Persians. This is what the movie portrays. You keep hearing of the 300 Spartans and not how many other Greeks […]