Most of us know what it is like to have a loved one pass on.  What most of us never experience, and pray never happens, is for our children to […]

Having been a consultant and owning my own company I can tell you there are some myths most everyone aspires to achieve. Everyone, me included, want to get something fast, […]

Dear Uncle Frankie, I’m sorry I didn’t make it up to see family as often as I should. You always showed us how important family was, how it was important […]

This is the 7th Anniversary of my little blog here! This adventure started off at tazspaz.wordpress.com (still exists without updates) with the actual domain name of www.conflictedmale.com to it’s fully […]

So what happens when Google, or for that matter any ISP ad focused company, gets annoyed with email marketing groups? http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/12/gmail-blows-up-e-mail-marketing-by-caching-all-images-on-google-servers/ This is a simple diversion that is a large […]

Mech Warrior Online Presents A charitable giving event That MikeDecides is behind and participating in Sarah’s Jenner Please take a moment to review and see if you’d like to participate […]

Life cant be dictated by words and phrases because when we look closely they’ve created mazes in our minds that contradict each other and if we circle our paths too […]

The trees are swaying in the wind; Now once again I journey on my way. This time to a place where no longer I will bend, The night seeps in […]