7th Anniversary!

This is the 7th Anniversary of my little blog here!

This adventure started off at tazspaz.wordpress.com (still exists without updates) with the actual domain name of www.conflictedmale.com to it’s fully moved in state here at www.mikedecides.com in 2009.

Some day I’ll actually grow up and use this to do something more than the place holder it is today … but I’ve said that since the start.  We’ll see.

2009-2010:  8093 unique visitors after move
2012-2013:  80,767 unique visitors 

Now if only I could decide how to get some donations to encourage more writing…

Here is a view of those still visiting my defunct tazspaz.wordpress.com site just today:

Until then – “Some people live life in the fast lane – I live in oncoming traffic!”