Quantum Mechanics

Here is the next installment of my thoughts on String Theory from the original post you can find here.

Through Quantum Mechanics it was found that there are two categories that particles fall into; bosons and fermions.

What are bosons you may ask?  Glad you did!  They are particles that transmit forces.  Bosons, most, can occupy the same place at the same time.

Fermions are a different type of particle; obviously.  Unlike bosons, fermions are not able to occupy the same place at the same time.  Only one fermion can occupy a given state at a given time.  This is why fermions are particles that make up matter.  Just think, if that had not been true you could have been walking through a wall while reading this.  Not that you’d be thinking about your head and a wall right at this moment.  *Starts banging head on wall.*

There is more information that you can find with a simple search on www.google.com (for instance) on Newton’s “Special Theory of Relativity” and “Relativistic Quantum Field Theory” also “General Theory of Relativity” and “Differential Geometry”.

With the next installment we will look at a brief history of String Theory. I will cover the basics from 1921-1996. Following that installment will be a brief overview of Black hole Entropy.

See, I DO have a twisted mind. Bet you didn’t know things like this were interesting eh??