October 2008

My *ahem* favorite question *rolling eyes* being emailed or IM’ed to me right now has been “Hey, how can I get WSUS to push out this update??” I always suggest […]

Please readers, will you be a part of this year’s Angel Adventure for the National Brain Tumor Foundation?

Will you support an Angel Adventure group for their walk on November 8th?

Please click here and make a pledge, if you can.

If you have trouble with the above link please go here:  http://www.firstgiving.com/leslieclawson

I know anything you can give towards this event is greatly appriciated!

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There has been a lot of alerts/news out today from several vendors about a new critical vulnerability just announced. 

Please note, many vendors are focusing on the fact that Windows 2000 and Windows XP is affected. 

HOWEVER, it is deeper than that; all Microsoft operating systems are affected.   The article only goes back to Windows 2000 but also covers XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008.  There is an off-cycle patch from Microsoft already out (usually it’s once per month).  You can get this (and any others you may have missed) by clicking on Start – Windows Update.


My congratulations go out toAndrew Lahde! So many things to say, so many reasons NOT to say them! Here is the link to the article. Link to a copy of […]

This is a nice little app you can use to validate the routing number on a check.  You know, if you suspect something doesn’t seem right: Visit this site here […]

I was asked this question today. Here was my response: “Reality isn’t just realizing the consequences of our choices; it’s dealing with the indirect consequences we didn’t first see when […]

Well once again, as I’ve stated many times, History is a wonderful thing to read, learn, and try to understand. I’ve had to endure listening to people talk about President […]