String Theory, the Start of My Journey

So what happens when you decide to look up your old website content from ages long since past?  You find interesting tidbits for sure!

So here we go!  The start of my journey looking into String Theory:

What is string theory and why do you care?

Well lets look at that.  Lets just look at the basics of all of this.

Let’s start with theoretical physics. Sir Isaac Newton was the first theoretical physicist at a time when it was known as “Natural Philosophy” this was a time when algebra and geometry where in common use. But algebra and geometry could only be used to explain things that are still or not in motion. So Newton came up with another way. We now know this as calculus.

Now with calculus Newton was able to take his “Law of Motion” to explain the force of gravity. But his new theory did not only involve planets and stars but other objects such as weights and cannonballs. Seeing as Cannons were the weapon of choice at this time in Europe…wonder what that did for them hmm…

Being a theorist and an experimentalist Newton observed nature so that he might describe it better. As such Newton realized that his explained “Laws of Motion” were not some abstract laws that Nature was forced to obey but rather that it could be described through mathematics. Just a quick note, mathematics is the oldest language known to man.
Check back soon for more….

Next installment we will talk more about how “Strings” came into all of this…

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