Welcome, New Look

For those of you that come here often you’ll notice a new look.

True, I am a bit lazy with the blog in the fact I haven’t created my own layout.  Just prefer to use the templates still.  not like I’m doing anything for money with the blog so ’tis fine.

The change came about as I have seen the average views this past quarter pass 100 unique visitors daily now.  This keeps the weekly average just under 1,000.  Hope to up that soon with some articles I’ll be posting in the near future … lol, as well as requested recipes, yes.  Right now the best week this year topped 3,000 views with the second best week coming in just over 2,300 views.  Would like to see that number become the average but hey … that would mean I would have to become INTERESTING!!

As my bestest bud of all time once told me … “Michael, your not interesting … you’re UNIQUE!” hmmm, wonder if he was being sarcastic? ;)