What happens when you’re being stupid. I burned my neck (don’t ask) and the next day I ripped away the scab.  I couldn’t find the rubbing alcohol so I used […]

So, okay, Sprint is a bit out dated.  I really get annoyed at times with them.  Here is a new wrinkle.  Let me start with I use to be a […]

Let’s see, where have I been traveling to as of late? I’ve been to L.A. several times, D.C., Chicago, Elgin, Pittsburgh, Wilmington, Burbank, and getting ready to head back to L.A. […]

Here is an interesting problem and it seems I’ve been queried on several times in the past month so let’s see if I can’t give you a quick fix or […]

Hello Readers – Sorry it has been awhile. With the new job I have done a lot of traveling. Oddly I have been with this company for almost 3 months […]

I can hear her now, from miles away.  Oddly it has a twang in it but she’s sitting at her desk reading the email reply I just sent to her […]

Click here to find out! Looking for a better HTML that I can just insert here or on Myspace. This will do for now though. =)

Spent this week in Washington D.C. seeing my new company’s product in action going through a live upgrade for a client. It was great to be in D.C., at the […]

So, everyone wants to know about the new job.  What can I tell you?  I’m really liking it so far.  I’m looking forward to all the travel.  Was funny today […]

Can you say OUCH! I stopped by my blog this morning to grab a copy of a script I have here that I need to run on the network I’m […]