Can you say OUCH!

I stopped by my blog this morning to grab a copy of a script I have here that I need to run on the network I’m on at the moment.  I felt the need to comment real quick on this company … what the hell man?!?!?  Guess I should have researched a bit more on their tech behind their IPO and looked for a possible Motorola lawsuit.  Instead, I as well as several other IPO investers are probably feeling a bit burned at the moment.  Provided they get out of this slump I still think it was a good investment, but this lawsuit is draggin the value of the stock down.  Sadly, it is the one mistake I’ve made in investments in many years.  The sad part is I think a few friends took my lead and bought in too.  Now I feel bad.  :(

Anyhow, I hope this day you are having a great time!

The above comments are just my thoughts on what I’ve seen recently.  But please keep in mind not only do I own stock in ARUN, I’m not bashing them … bashing on myself for not doing better research and getting caught up in the hype.  *sigh*  serves me right!  I have faith they are worth it though.  Mark my words!  >:)

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