Motorola Q and Sprint

So, okay, Sprint is a bit out dated.  I really get annoyed at times with them.  Here is a new wrinkle.  Let me start with I use to be a loyal Sprint customer for about 6 years.  Then they started, and I’m not the only person who had/has experienced this, having billing issues.  Double billing, over billing, and it was up to us the customer to figure out why we didn’t owe what they said we owe.  You know the whole “Guilty until PROVEN innocent” thing?  So I switched.  Finally ending up at Verizon.  Not to get off on a side note but I really like Verizon, the new company will only pay the bill if it is Sprint though.  *Sigh*

So anyhow, all the providers that use the Motorola Q have an OTA (Over The Air) update function.  You dial a *+# and then your phone starts the update, sometimes needs to reboot (it is a windows device after all :p ).  Sprint however, you have to go to their site, get redirected to Motorola, download a file, sync your phone after backing it up because the way Sprint works you may lose your data, and then your phone is updated.  Or you can drop it at the store for a day … ya, like that is really an option! *heavy sarcasm*

So when will Sprint get smart and start OTA updates …. The world may never know!

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