Merrily we go along …

Let’s see, where have I been traveling to as of late? I’ve been to L.A. several times, D.C., Chicago, Elgin, Pittsburgh, Wilmington, Burbank, and getting ready to head back to L.A. between this Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.  I’ll be in L.A. about a week.  The reason I don’t know the time I’m leaving yet is due to some shipment issues.  Once those are cleared up I’ll know more. 

My trips average 1 week each before coming home.  This can be rather fun, but at other times trying at best.  See, I love to travel but I hate when it interferes with seeing my kids.  That “law” is finally understood here at the office.  If you ask me to leave town on the 1st, or 3rd weekend of the month you best be prepared to hear me say “NO!”  Why do I say trying at best?  Let me give you an example; 2 weeks ago I was on a location where some issues cropped up.  This required a lot of my time and direct effort to bring their production systems back online.  I spent a total of 118 hours that week on the client’s site, in the cold (64 degrees Fahrenheit, come on I’ve acclimated to Texas weather now it IS cold!), standing in front of server racks typing away.  All the while 4 people were bringing me caffeine-laden products to me like you’d bring shots to your best friend at their birthday party!  What was really nice though about this one in particular is that it ran to the week of Thanksgiving and the customer’s personnel asked for us to join them in their food celebration.  So when I did take a break I had these ladies just coming in with plates piled high with food.  I had to ask them to stop because they had placed like 6 meals in the matter of a few minutes in front of me.  They didn’t quiet understand what I meant I guess as several plates of desserts came in right there after.  :p  However, when I’m onsite it is not uncommon to have 90+ hour work weeks.  I do not mind this for the most part though as anything over 40 hours I still get paid straight time an hour for which is really nice. 

In L.A. I usually travel my butt to Montebello for the Hilton Garden Inn & Suites.  For those of us that travel often it is nice to find a good hotel.  When you do, if you visit that area often, you remember them and ensure you get a room there.  This is one of those places.  I get a King size bed with a room that always has an excellent view, amenities are second to none, and the room service is great.  Front desk can be trying at times as they usually only have one person at the front desk and many visitors.  But with the attached venues and the golf course (I stay an extra day to play :p) I love this place! 

More to follow; just a quick update for everyone!

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