I can hear her now, from miles away.  Oddly it has a twang in it but she’s sitting at her desk reading the email reply I just sent to her and I can hear as if I’m sitting next to her “Oh no you di’n’t!!!”

Ah, the joys of my life.  An ex-wife that has been and probably always will be focused on money and herself, way to much drama around in life at the moment, and people just self destructing all around lately!  What’s up with all that?

Always seems as my life is doing so much better that people around are self destructing.  Then when it’s my turn to feel a little down and out everyone around me is happy go lucky.  You know the type, the ones you just want to smack silly because it might make you feel better to drag them down in the mud with you?!?  :)

Well what can you do?  Maybe you all can beat the heck out of one another and whoever is left standing can feel better.  :o

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