Life cant be dictated by words and phrases
because when we look closely they’ve created mazes
in our minds that contradict each other
and if we circle our paths too much
we lose our clutch on whats important and smother
the fires that burn with our passions
left in the dark and circling still
we always search to fill
our voids and feelings we cant displace
with anything we can find in this place
we stop at nothing to prove that we arent bluffing
when we say “I can handle it on my own”
knowing when we speak we are alone
this time what has lead us on this excursion
is nothing more than the same diversion
created by our words and paradoxes
ideas created by our own losses
we spew them like they matter
living faithfully by them ’till they shatter
pretending to know who we are
thinking we’ve learned
but we’ve learned nothing so far
more than to look strong to everyone else
we fake it to fool ourselves

Author: Ed Brady
Written: 1/31/2007