Error 1327 followed by SKU11.CAB

So you are trying to run updates on your computer.
Your consultant or admin (which might be yourself) is scratching their head trying to figure this odd error out.

Error 1327.  Invalid Drive: n:\

So you stubble around looking for answers and find the Microsoft KB873301 and the glassy eyed look appears.

I started writing this post because a junior admin had come to me for help on this long known issue and was frustrated.  It really is a simple fix:

Navigate to the registry path of:

Now make sure that the drive letter path is set to where you have Microsoft Office installed.  In this case it was actually the C: drive they were looking to input.

This is where I wanted to laugh at the frustration I heard in their voices when they hit the next wall…

So they now attempted to open an Office program and were greeted with a screen that there was an “installation error: file not found. A required installation: SKU11.CAB could not be found.”

SO … BEFORE you leave the above noted registry key, make sure that CDCache value is set to 0.

There really isn’t a missing file and this is a misleading error.  The problem is that most other solutions you will find require that you end up doing a reinstallation and that is a complete waste of time.

Viola, you should be fixed now!

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