Just another one of those twists I like to throw from time to time.  It’s a tradition for me to find some reason to add SOMETHING else to my “planned” […]

So last month I became eligible to upgrade my phone with Sprint.  I decided I would wait until this month as I was having some issues with my EVO 4G […]

So what do you do when you have a client that you continually warn not to do certain things and … you know what’s coming … they do it anyhow?Now […]

Thanks to GoDaddy.com for this gem!Please join Go Daddy on November 10, 2011, in wishing the United States Marine Corps a Happy 236th Birthday. If you have trouble with the […]

Submitted for your reading enjoyment today:Finally finished the process with Apple to become developers in the iOS and Safari programs at www.Brady-Liu.com … only takes … forever! *echo* Check us […]

Oddly I heard this question today.  It has been awhile but thought I would note for others for future reference the bcp command:For a comma separated file: From your sql server […]

So it’s that time of year again where we have the sniffles, or just want to settle down to a nice, comfortable, relaxing evening with a warm tasty drink in […]

With HP Procurve switches it is easy even for a novice to clear the user password.Anyone who manages HP Procurve devices knows that at some point you will not be able to […]

This is a great recipe that goes as a nice side dish to any meat dish be it red meat, poultry, pork, or fish.What you’ll need to get started (for […]