Sprint Upgrades Now Extended Time Frame

So last month I became eligible to upgrade my phone with Sprint.  I decided I would wait until this month as I was having some issues with my EVO 4G anyhow and was looking to get the EVO 3D.

Imagine my surprise when I logon to the site to see that they have now extended how long it will be until I get a new phone.  Now I have to wait an additional 10 months.

I asked “why” when opening a ticket for my EVO 4G to be looked at and was informed it was due to Sprint now carrying Apple devices and the requirements they have with that new contract.

Imagine, those of us that CAME to Sprint because we wanted top of the line Android devices are now being penalized because there are still those out there that want their Apple device but they want it on Sprint now because they are tired of the billing issues with their current providers.

Add insult to injury when I spoke to the rep at the Sprint store when dropping off my phone for repairs he told me I could always get an “additional” phone to my plan like the Apple 4S … do you see the irony here? … Then when I get my Android EVO 4G back they tried again

… after digging in my logs I found that though an app was added for testing … the three hours they stated they tested my phone for was false.  They have to know that some of us using these devices are technical folks right?  Why lie to me …

Looks like Sprint is changing again, unfortunately not for the better.