For my kids this has become one of their favorite breakfast requests the past coupld of years.  They finally helped in making it the last two times and were surprised […]

Nope, I didn’t stutter there in the subject matter …I have an older XP install that is on a “secure” system with a requirement for IE6.  This means I cannot […]

So you are trying to run updates on your computer.Your consultant or admin (which might be yourself) is scratching their head trying to figure this odd error out.Error 1327.  Invalid […]

I was very surprised to hear someone in a meeting today state that Windows 7 does not have telnet available.Then I realized that they must not understand it is no […]

About a month ago I had been tortured by a CIFS NetApp issue for several days.  Thanks to the extended weekend I had I was finally able to have a clear […]

Wow Believe it or not there are still people out there that have Windows XP Home Edition service pack 2 out there.  When they go to install service pack 3 […]

Today I purchased a new car.The beast of a car I once had was hitting hard for gas.  Like a teenage boy with an energy drink and pixie sticks … […]