Hot Toddy Time

So it’s that time of year again where we have the sniffles, or just want to settle down to a nice, comfortable, relaxing evening with a warm tasty drink in hand.

This brings to mind a nice Hot Toddy.

There are many ways to make this and really it’s up to your taste but, if you follow these guidelines you can enjoy a nice Hot Toddy yourself tonight:
1oz brandy, whiskey or rum (your choice)
1 Tbsp honey
Squeeze of lemon
3/4 cup hot water

Now if you want to add a little more flavor beyond this you can add a tea bag of your choice but I’d recommend using an earl grey for relaxing or a green tea if you have the sniffles.

Now to put it all together properly:
Coat the bottom of Irish coffee glass with the honey. (or a mug if you must)
Add the liquor and the lemon juice
Heat your hot water in a tea kettle (if adding a tea bag steppe tea in the water before adding) …
… and stir.