Part 3 – HTC EVO and Sprint unavailable

Here is today’s chat with a Sprint Representative:

So what they are saying, without saying directly of course, is that Sprint doesn’t know how to stock or help their customers (new and old) stay informed?  Makes you wonder if that is what sent many people over to their competitor *cough cough* (iPhone 4).  Or perhaps we are all just going to wait for HTC’s Droid X on the Verizon network?  Perhaps Verizon’s date of 7.15.2010 is accurate?


True Verizon’s Incredible (by HTC) is on back order for more than a month and even Verizon is asking people with back orders of the Incredible to switch to the X.  Perhaps this shows that HTC is having manufacturing issues and perhaps this isn’t all Sprint’s fault with the EVO.  However, the masses (me included obviously) want the EVO but our ADD/ADHD society doesn’t like to wait long without some kind of update(s) before changing our minds and going to the next best thing.  If a consumer perceives ineptitude on a provider’s part … in what other ways is a provider going to prove to be troublesome for the consumer in the long run?

Verizon did the right thing.

Where’s the updates from Sprint?  We have to pull teeth and the replies are always innocuous at best.

Wow, I’m sounding agitated am I not?

The more you look into this though the more I’m convinced it is a manufacturing problem from HTC.  Be it substandard parts or the Froyo update (as was the original plan to be loaded on this device by-the-by) or some other manufacturing issue.  I’m not sure it’s all Sprint’s “fault” but I “fault” them for not having a clear answer to the issue.  Again, seeing this same sentiment on many of the boards as well, meaning we don’t think it’s all Sprint but they have no way of setting expectations for anyone.


  1. I’ve been looking for updates every day, several times a day…nothing. I did the same thing, chat with support and received the same reply. You’re so right, If they can’t get more units out quickly enough what else will they lack on? I’m with T-Mobile and haven’t switched since 2002, this would’ve been the 1st time out since the phone seems worth it. On the other hand if nothing comes out soon (before the Droid X) I might just switch to Verizon instead. Honestly they might as well just take down/stop running all ads since they have no estimate re-release date and one cannot even pre-order it at this point.

  2. Well isn’t that a kick in the pants!!

    Got a call from my local sprint store, they have my EVO in.

    “Now why is that a kick in the pants?” you might ask.

    I’m in L.A. and then off to Cincinnati and will not be home until the 21st. They have to have me come in to get the phone by end of business today. Eish! Back on the wait list.

  3. Long needed update to this post (ops) … I finally did get my very own EVO in October … and of course … it Rocks! 😉

    (talk about delayed posting eish!)

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