Poor Daughter Fractured Her Wrist

Well, it was confirmed yesterday that my daughter’s dancing accident at her mom’s house was actually a broken (fractured) wrist.

She joins the year old “Club of the Broken Wrist” in our household.  See end of 2008 I broke my wrist when a table fell on it while moving, then in the fall of 2009 my son received a fractured wrist when in a football game he was clipped well after a play was over causing him to land on his wrist.

In each case there has always been some kind of real concern in regards to the placement of the fracture.  In my case it was that the fracture was close to a bone that showed signs of stress and houses a major artery of some type.  (Perhaps one of you medical types can fill in those details for me there).  I don’t remember all the details just that for several weeks they were concerned about that.  Then with my son it was that this “twisted” fracture of his wrist was close to the growth plate.

Well in “club” fashion my daughter is also on the “concerned” list as her “buckle fracture” is close to the growth plate as well.  Seems like anything to do with a “wrist” is a concern.  “Hey Doc, it hurts … let’s focus on that first k?”

Anyhow, here is her picture.  She will be going to see ortho on Tuesday.