Another HTC EVO and Sprint post

Okay, yet another post about “out of stock” complaints for the HTC EVO from Sprint.  (see my original post here).

We are now 9 days into adding to the “list” to receive an HTC EVO from Sprint.  The Corporate store is stating that they still have not received shipment of this phone and are still unable to provide anything close to an estimate.  The wait list at this store is growing still however no new phones are in still yet.

When you go to the site Sprint website ( and attempt to see about getting an HTC EVO you are greeted with the following:

So sorry, check back again later …


This device was hyped long before it’s June 4th launch, yes they have found some issues they need to patch … is it really taking a month or more to get these out or is this really the first time Sprint has had to deal with “Supply and Demand” issues?

Sorry, I’m annoyed.  I know I’m not the only one:
Do a search for “HTC EVO out of stock?” lol and you’ll see headlines matching that statement as well as the word “Again” added to it.

Guess those of us that want the Google Android experience will just have to complain and wait it out.  At the same time Sprint looks more and more incompetent me thinks.

Just another rant for your lunchtime enjoyment!

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  1. Still no update. Waiting … waiting … waiting … 🙁

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