SM-T217S and Sprint

Okay, so sadly Sprint is always a roller-coaster.

Instead of switching vendors they convinced me (i know, I know shush) to stay, switch to a “Framily” plan, upgrade my phone (because SIII antenna problems reported here) since the antenna didn’t appear to be supporting the Spark upgrade going on, and oh … by the way … have this Samsung 7″ tablet for only the cost of 1GB of bandwidth a month at $15.  I said sure why not (I said shush now) …

Then, and I should have known better, I learned a couple new things 
1.  The Note 3 is not readily compatible with the Spark upgrade – however it works with a tweak.  Okay good, that will work until I decide to upgrade next year (shush)

2.  Samsung doesn’t support the 7″ tablet since BEFORE Sprint was handing it out to me.  
a.  It is at 4.2.2 (behind my other Android devices all running 4.3)
b.  Seems that Samsung will not update this device presently (though it was a promotion by Sprint to get these out the door, they are stuck with no upgrade path presently that I can find)


Here I go again.

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  1. SM-T217S and Sprint (Update)

    Several of you might remember the rant here and it appears it has been getting a lot of views here and a few on the Sprint community.Yesterday Sprint announced they are pushing updates for the SM-T217S (okay they called it the Tab 3 7.0) to Android 4.4.2!! So, in all fairness I must update they are trying.Here is a link to their notification.Very happy to see that they are listening and at least attempting! …

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