Anonymous goes after GoDaddy?

What happens when someone get’s a bee up their bonnet and goes after one of the largest Domain & Hosting companies?

You guessed it; a fairly successful hack.

So successful in fact that I had clients, friends, and family shouting for help.  It affected all services as the primary target was GoDaddy’s DNS infrastructure that was hit with a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).  The big question is what type of DDoS was perpetrated?

Many sites are discussing this today but I generally agreed with this post:

So, to sum up my thoughts, when you are one of the largest providers you might just see attackers trolling you for a way in.  Once in they may just let all the air out of all four of your tires.

Those of you blaming GoDaddy for an insecure site please remember, if it holds to be true, this is the same group who has successfully perpetrated attacks on the FBI, Department of Justice, RIAA, and Warner Music group just to name a few.

Sadly … we come to my gripe …

My site is hosted on GoDaddy … and I didn’t rank but just over 50 visitors yesterday *sniff, sniff* :_(