Many of you know I try to support children’s causes in the Dallas area and abroad. This time I have a request that is close to home for me. Please […]

Have you ever wondered how often we take for granted that children “understand” what we are teaching; how do you know? Let’s begin with a little lesson below…(May this bring a […]

Glenn Kenny points out “Point is, 48 fps, and particularly 48 fps in 3-D, is reputed to deliver an image of such stellar clarity that the viewer is apt to […]

You always hear from people how they “hate” sweet potatoes how they have tried them every different way and didn’t like them.  Now to be sure, there are some pretty […]

Oh how I have not missed you little error message: “The application requires that assembly Windowsbase Version be installed in the Global Assembly Cache first.“ The first time I […]

Every fall I recall great memories of leaves, crisp morning air, hiking, warm (and cold) spiced apple cider, baking and laughter.  It’s during this time I start with baking various […]

As I have continually said, I will not get this blog involved with politic’s.This is just a fact as outlined by this article.  Many large companys have started before the […]

Tired of the pancake mix in the box?  Want something a bit more, perhaps with your own touch?Here is a homemade buttermilk pancake mix.  No buttermilk, no worries, we’ll make […]

*in a Captian Kirk voice*…continue … to resist urge … to post … political … opinions.

This appears to be a neat new little app, at least in concept, from Google.  The thought process goes that Field Trip will prompt you about cool things to see/try […]