Drupal 7 RSS and Read More

So, if I like it or not, it took me a bit in finding this option.  Was a bit of a pain and was getting ready to start messing with the core code.  Luckily that was unnecessary!

Given that I figured I should share the fix, and you do know I like to share fixes!

The content I am running under the Marinelli theme, and promoting my Home page to on the front page, left me with both an RSS icon that I did not want and a “Read More” link that I didn’t want.  More frustrating for me is that all the components are not neatly tied together … or so I thought …

For instance, teasers, this was easy to turn off and see that my content was seen instead of a snippet.  The problem was the link and icon still existed.

What I finally found, thanks to a quick targeted search on Drupal.org was what lead me to the following solution: 

Once you logon to your Drupal 7 site go do the following:
1.  Select Configuration
2.  In the Front page block set the “Number of posts on front page” to 1
3.  This step requires that you know what the node number of your page is (hint: open a new browser and go to your site now, it’s in the address bar ):
      a.  for the Default front page enter the node/# in the block provided
4.  Save configuration

Go test in a new browser window by going to your site.  You should now see that the “Read More” and the RSS feed icon have now disappeared.

This is a simple “quick fix” provided “as is” please share your experiences here for all in case there is some other way all readers can help each other!