How to Remove Hyperlinks En Masse

This is a simple way to remove all hyperlinks from a Word/Excel document:

Select all text (hint: Ctrl+A)
Once all text is selected press Ctrl+Shift+F9

VIOLA!  All hyperlinks are removed from your document!

Now keep in mind that the text links themselves still exist and formatting will not change.  You will need to manually remove those.

So for example, you have multiple images in a document and after you remove the hyperlinks and roll-over the images the “links” seem to still appear.  More than likely they are Alternate Text added to the image.  If this is the case you will need to do the following:

right click>format picture>alt text then delete text and VIOLA!

A simple way to remove hyperlinks is to copy your target information, paste into Notepad, and then recopy the text from Notepad and then paste into your word document.  Keep in mind you will lose all formatting in so doing.