Telnet Client and Windows 7

I was very surprised to hear someone in a meeting today state that Windows 7 does not have telnet available.

Then I realized that they must not understand it is no longer installed by default.  Yes, puzzling step that Microsoft took there starting with Vista.  (I further noted it must not be from one of my installs as I do enable the feature as a matter of course)

So here is what we need to do for those looking to enable the Telnet Client for Windows 7

1.  Go to your start menu and select the Control Panel

2.  Click on Programs in the Contorl Panel

3.  Select the “Tun Windows Features On or Off” under the programs and features section

4.  Scroll to find the “Telnet Client” and click in the blank box so that a check mark appears

5.  Click on “OK”

Once the installation is complete you can start using the Telnet Client!

As always, if you are unsure about any of this it is best to ask you IT folks or a consultant.  Feel free to post any questions you have.

Please note that in Windows 7 the following editions support telnet client:
Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, and Enterprise

The Micorsoft Telnet FAQ can be found here: