Father Time knocking at the door!

Well once again, as I’ve stated many times, History is a wonderful thing to read, learn, and try to understand.

I’ve had to endure listening to people talk about President Bush deregulating the financial industry.  Just listen to all the rhetoric Sen. Obama and fellow Democrats are spreading about how horrible deregulation was/is.  Especially of the financial industry.  Sheesh!!

Hey, guess what?  I AGREE!  Deregulation has caused some of the biggest blunders in economies world wide.  Now, scholars and people much smarter than me now and in the future will make their own determinations.  However, do we as a country really think that deregulation of key infrastructure that is needed for our country to operate is a good idea?  Financial, telecom, oil & gas, etc?

Regardless, here is the history lesson today:  http://moneynews.com/streettalk/deregulation/2008/10/01/136247.html

Now would some one please tell me who signed the bill repealing the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933?