Gmail Outage and Apology

Okay, this is deserving of a new post on the Google Gmail outage.

First let’s start with YAY! Gmail is back online and we are all able to access our accounts at this time.

Now let’s talk about the frustrating part of the news. It seems that Google would have us believe that this problem only lasted a couple hours; see here. The problem with that is I know I waited a couple hours before posting about this issue on my blog. As you can see the posts in the related posting on my site, found here, span an even larger time frame. If you do the Google search, provided they don’t block it you can find information here, you will see it has happened several times starting back in July where people were seeing this error. Not just a couple of us, and not for just a few hours.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them to actually publish the reason they were down. That just invites future attacks on the system from unscrupulous people. But please, don’t make the rest of us feel like we’re stupid by saying it only lasted a couple hours. I do however like that they apologized and know just how much people like their Gmail accounts! J