July 2008

Seriously folks, there is no need at current time for you to rush out and buy Windows Mobile AntiVirus software.I agree with the post (found here), you can go out and buy […]

Okay a pet peeve of mine; a friend asks you to look at their PC/laptop.  No problem if I have the time I’ll help you out.You drop off said PC/laptop […]

I have been asked by several people what online games I like.  Honestly I have several I like to play from time to time when I have the kids.  Recently […]

A Dell R200; can it run Windows XP?Seems that question has been asked many times. Dell clearly states in their ‘Tech Specs’ that the only supported OS types are server […]

Well well well. This is an interesting new error: If you do a search for “Hotmail” on my blog here you’ll find some other interesting errors in trying to access […]