Gmail Temporary Error (502)

Well this is a first for me (but not for others as Google’s own search engine shows)!!

I’m unable to access my Gmail account!!! AAHHHH!!!!

Seems to be a theme in July as their search engine exposes, see here.

Anyone else seeing this today?

August 12, 2008 –> UPDATE!!!
Well as you can see several of you ran across this post.  Still waiting to hear if Google has anything to say about it.  Especially since it has been happening on and off as of late.  Is it a “planned upgrade”, “scheduled maintenance”, “unplanned outage”, etc etc.  All I know is as of this moment I was able to log on, approve everyone’s comments and read my daily email funnys! 😉 

Seriously though, I was able to get in and read mail.  Please note that I have several people that commented here as well as while out last night; if you have this error again try using the HTML link found in the comments of this posting.  Seems that “backdoor” worked for those desperately needing access during this “down” time.

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