Travel at DFW


Here’s an insider’s tip to traveling at DFW.  Specifically for American.  If you have an early morning flight and you think you’ll have fun “queuing up” like the British in a government line be my guest and go check in for your A19 and lower gate flight at the regular desk.  If you could use a walk or at least don’t mind the walk ask to be dropped off at gate A29.  Why you might ask.

Watch everyone queue up at the lower number gate.  It’s fun to watch the frustration and see the long wrapped around lines.  Walk your happy butt down to A29, see maybe 1 person in front of you and next to no one in line for TSA check-in.  You sail through.   Not only that, I have (in order to ensure I’m doing the right thing) in the past marked (spotted) a person at the lower gate and after walking to A29, getting through TSA and walking back to A19, sat and watched as the other person was still in line.  I have done this several times.

Typically I travel a minimum of 3 weeks out of every month during my travel season.  Hope this tip helps someone in a rush.  Those of you with a short “fuse” should always listen to the recommendation; “arrive 2-3 hours before your flight” and err on the long side.  3 hours is a small price to pay verse you losing your anger and having TSA play “footsie” with your travel plans.  :-p

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