Windows Mobile AntiVirus

Seriously folks, there is no need at current time for you to rush out and buy Windows Mobile AntiVirus software.

I agree with the post (found here), you can go out and buy it if you’d like to; “I won’t call you a sucker — to your face.”

Here are some basic concepts as to “why” I feel you don’t really need it (performing these functions on your smart-phone that is, smarties!):
1.  Do you go to websites you don’t know?
2.  Do you download things to your phone you don’t know where they come from?
3.  Do you sync files from your desktop?
4.  Do you receive your email from a corporate email system?

So if you don’t download things to your phone or go to strange websites, yes men/boys that includes strange girlie pics, then your phone is already doing fine.  Your desktop, I’m sure (right?), has antivirus already installed on it so the files you sync to you phone are already checked.  Your corporate email is scanned before it gets to your inbox (and thus before it gets to your phone), and if not you need a new IT group!

However, if you find you are still skitish or desire the protection (at a cost to system performance of your phone btw) you might want to look at these products:
Symantec’s Norton Smartphone Security
McAfee’s Virusscan Mobile
Trend Micro’s Mobile Security
Airscanner’s Mobile Antivirus

Those are just a few.  I’m sure there are many more out there as well as some freeware options.  Feel free to comment this post with any you might know.

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