Remove ePO

Okay a pet peeve of mine; a friend asks you to look at their PC/laptop.  No problem if I have the time I’ll help you out.

You drop off said PC/laptop and it has McAfee ePO installed on it.  First off, red flag my readers!  This is not a personal piece of equipment.  It is a business item.  Can you get around user names/passwords and get local administrator rights?  Of course.  That is a topic I will not cover.  You either know how or you do not.  Your IT staff knows how; if they don’t, well I’m a consultant and would be happy to help.  Provided the right contracts are in place. <img src=””>

Anyhow moving along.  How to remove the ePO agent from your desktop you ask?  Simple!

Find the frminst and change to the directory it resides in.  In this case I had to go to:
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework>

From here you run:  frminst /remove=agent

Now continue with your work.  The ePO agent won’t be a bother any longer.  Sorry, pet peeve and had to rant a moment!

Oh, once again, use this information at your own risk!  If you are not the IT guru/manager for your company you can seriously mess up your system.