Democrats and Congressional Junkets

This article really got me steamed, you’ll find it here.

So as noted in one of the comments to the article that in essence states the liberal Democrats can go on these trips but want to cut ammo, armor, fuel and general funding for our military entrenched in Iraq and Afghanistan?!?!

Here’s my personal thoughts; you want to cut funding (I don’t agree btw to that) go ahead. Then cart your butt over, oh and I’d be happy for you to use tax payer money at this point in the thought, to Iraq and Afghanistan and go to the front lines and do our military’s work. See how that trip pans out for you!

What bigots! Yes bigots! You sit there all high and mighty but then the Democrats turn around and strip the military down. Is it a wonder that the military is seen as a Republican stronghold? Things like this when Clinton was in office was what made me make up my mind to get out of the Marine Corps.

Here is a scary closing thought … if another Clinton gets into office how worse off are we going to be?

(Please, on your budget thoughts, think and look at history. How long does it take for an administration to push something through?)

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