So you want to do Web Design eh?

When I’m out with friends the inevitable discussions of our jobs come up. If there is someone there I hardly know it might be the first time they hear it from me but it’s like throwing a handful of candy up in the air around a bunch of 5 year olds!

“You do web design?? Wow, I’ve always wanted to try that!”

True enough, I do web design and also subcontract 6 other guys on projects as well. Until recently, besides telling these aspiring designers to go get Frontpage and learn HTML, I didn’t have much of a way to help them learn. With evolving technologies and all the work we put into keeping abreast of them and keeping clients happy there just isn’t enought time to sit and help someone most of the times.

Here is a tool for you though to learn a bit more out of the box instead of just your basics:

Let’s not get started on other languages here people! Let’s help them walk first. :p