What is a modern day Hero?

Mindset makes a Hero.
Service to society.
The courage to take responsibility;
for ALL of your actions,
for ALL of your statements.
Living each day as if it might be your last;
it very well might be.
Being alert to your surroundings,
relaxed but vigilant.
The sensitivity to acknowledge the beauty, sorrow,
and the humorous in the sights and events you encounter every day.
The bravery to move, to act, to respond instantly in an emergency
without hesitation, without worrying about the opinions of others,
if you sincerely believe that is what needs to be done.
Striving constantly to improve,
to better yourself so that you will make a positive difference;
Even just in your little corner of the world.
Knowing how to die with calm resolve,
knowing you die “defending the right and the good.”

To me…that is the true, modern day Hero.
What are your thoughts?

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