Junos or Juniper SSL-VPN Network Connect Error 23787

Junos is the VPN concentrator by Juniper.

When you try to launch Network Connect inside Juniper SSL-VPN portal, you get an error:

cannot start the network connect service, please reinstall network connect, nc.windows.app.23787”.

Sometimes uninstalling or reinstalling the Juniper Network Connect works, but typically the error comes back after restarting the computer.

Solution: verify “Juniper Network Connect Service” service is started on the computer, and the Startup Type is Automatic.  You can do this by clicking on start and typing services.msc in the run line and select enter.  Scroll until you see the “Juniper Network Connect Service” and you’ll see it is set to automatic but may not be in a “started” state.  Right click your mouse to select the “Juniper Network Connect Service” and select “Run”.  Now go back and select “Start” on the Junos Network Connect icon.