Rare Political Based Post – Vote

I rarely make political posts or posts about the vote in general.  Typically, if I do, I only leave them up for a short period of time. That said I encourage everyone to take a look at this:

RSPS 8th Edition Final

Now, take a moment and dig on your candidate’s voting record, policies, and impact to economic growth for your region.

This is obviously only one part of things to consider and I’m not posting where my thoughts exist on all this. However, ask yourself about where you’d like to be in 4-8 years from now?

As you prepare to vote in your state and as the November election looms near; what kind of person do you want to elect?  When the elections are over and the country attempts to stagger forward again how will the election have helped?  Will you count in the election count toward economic and social gains for you, your children, your grandchildren?  Will they look back on this series of elections and wonder why we chose as we did?

<sarcasm> Odd how elections, the economy, and social growth is impacted no? </sarcasm>

If your vote doesn’t matter why do things change?  For those that question if their time at the pole matters; look around.  Please, if you are of voting age and able to legally vote … make sure you do.  Our Society, Economy, and Country need us.

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