PCI DSS 9.4 Visitor Log

Tired of looking around for a template that fits PCI?  Visitor logs are simple yet so many hunt for the right way to format their log to comply with section 9.4 of PCI DSS.

Not exactly sure why it’s so difficult but I did the search myself and found nothing close to what should be.  So that said, depending on where you put this log, there is only a single modification I might recommend, if you have visitor badges to assign (and you should) – add a column for visitor badges or add to description of a column the visitor badge numbers you hand out.  If the visitors do not access secure areas where cardholder data resides – well … take that up with your auditors and security personnel …

Please see attached and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. –>    PCI DSS 9-4 Visitor Log