Coexistance, Exchange, and the ECP

So, I’ve had some questions about people having problems getting to their EAC (now the ECP web based utility).

The common problem seemed to be permissions but not always.  I also noticed after reviewing a few installations that you guys (this is in general) need to remember to secure your ECP from the outside world.  Geez!!  In my opinion this was a stupid feature to leave in the ON position during installation.

So let’s go on to coexistence of 2010 and 2013.

Please remember that if your mailbox is still in the 2010 store you will default back to the 2010 when you try to login.  This seemed to be the common issue everyone was missing (minus some permissions for specialty accounts).  That means that you will need to add the version to your link to access it like this:
Note:  For the 2010 version=14

Make sure you replace CAS15-NA with your proper domain name *smacks forehead* and yes some of you will find you need the FQDN.  

For some more information on this you could also go review:

Hope this helps others find their answer(s) quickly!