February 2012

Odd, this is the second major company email outage I have seen today.  I’m hearing other major services have been down today from others as well.If you are experiancing trouble […]

Seems this has been most of this morning.  I have already received calls from those using their service; please be patient as they are working to resolve the issue.Now, on […]

Okay, so this is something I continually rail against with companies and their fire based suppression systems. It doesn’t matter if it is your production server area, test server area, […]

So you live in the Dallas area but you don’t know what is going on in the area today.You often wonder what is up in town but “hope” to find something good […]

What is black hole entropy? Two important thermodynamic quantities are temperature and entropy. Temperature we all know from our fevers, weather reports and ovens. Entropy however is foreign to everyday […]

Really.That’s what some of you are saying right now.  You would not believe how often I hear this complaint.  It’s like … well … Really.  You can’t search your answer […]