Google Sync Error – Change Password

So this was an annoying error.  Was pretty sure I had it pegged but it is a pretty ambiquos error to start with nothing noted in any of the event viewer logs

So this is rather annoying.  Then I started noticing that my calenders were out of sync…viola!  There it is.  I mean, figured that out since it was calling out that the error was with one of my gmail accounts but I mean, should it not be more intuitive and logged?  Well no, I guess not, it is in Beta after all.

So once you realize what is happening the fix seems annoyingly hard to find unless you know where to look.  Perhaps you have been trying to lauch the app from your programs menu to no avail?  It seems many people are having problems knowing where to look so I figured I should write these steps down and hope those in need run accross it here.

1.  You will need to go to your taskbar over by the clock in the bottom right of your screen.  What we are looking for (and my screens are from Windows 7 so keep that in mind) is the calendar looking icon:

2.  Now we need to have you right click on this to desplay the following menu for the google calendar sync and select options

3.  Now you see where you can change your password and save

Just a side note, these are the same steps you will follow if you change your GMAIL password and are running the Google Calendar Beta app as obviously your password has changed and will affect your ability to sync.  Obvious no?