Symantec Ghost Console 2.5 version

Well I write this after several frustrating days of attempting to use the Ghost(r) Console to run various different “backup regime” for Dell PowerEdge(r) 2950’s and Dell PowerEdge(r) 2900’s.

Initially I had trouble with the drivers for the R5400 as well as the Optiplex 760’s but working with Symantec I was able to get the appropriate drivers, from them directly, that would work. 

Currently after the past 2 days now support was able to recreate my issue.  In this I was able to manually load a Broadcom(r) driver for the 5708 NIC, however once the backup completes and the server is rebooted (both the 2950 and the 2900) the server never comes back up.

Here are some thoughts that go through ones head:
1) Q: Perhaps the virtual partition is not releasing?
     A: Nope, after running gdisk 32 /status you see what you expect to see with no ghost partition.
2) Q: Perhaps the gdisk32 command is just not showing the virtual partition
    A: Lets go ahead and try one system with rebooting by using ghreboot.
           Grr! Still not good.

Okay, so now I have two expensive door stops, I have worked with Symantec on some of the NIC issues let’s get started on finding a fix to this issue.  After several hours on the phone (you can almost hear all three engineers on their side scratching their head) “Hmm, we can recreate the problem, but we can’t seem to fix it.”

Great, that’s neat … what’s next?

Ticket bumped to internal dev group.

How long do you think I’ll need to wait before getting a reply. … … … …

I’ll let you all know what happens.  Off to rebuild my servers.
(Side note: Yup tried to cast back the images … servers and console no longer can see one another. Manual rebuild.)

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  1. What GUID are you looking for?

    Are you looking for the Symantec AV GUID or the GHOST, etc?
    Please be more specific, perhaps we can help.  

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