Travel in December

Well here I am again, on the road.  This time I’m traveling between Burbank, Mission Hills, and L.A. 

Yesterday morning started well.  I arrived at the airport with plenty of time.  Please remember, if TSA says to arrive “at least two hours early” perhaps, you want to arrive at least two and a half hours early.  Please keep in mind that it’s “more of a guide line than a rule” and you’ll start your travel day off right!  Not only that, if you are travelling between Friday and Monday these are some of the busiest travel days.  Don’t show up at the airport an hour or so before your flight and think things will go smoothly for you.  Even if your are seated in first class you need more time.  The reason I bring this part of my journey up is the unlucky soul that sat next to me in first class complaining about how everything was messed up for them this morning.   How the lines at the desk were to long, that the staff didn’t seem to have things in control (perhaps they were overworked, ya think?), how TSA was to slow, there were to many kids going through security with strollers and on and on and on.  When I asked what time they got to the airport they said they arrive just over an hour before the flight was due to take off.  My answer; “I see.”

I had no pity for them.  I’d have no pity for you either.  Yes, sometimes you can cut the time short but pay attention to when your traveling, where your traveling, and any possible events that might be occurring at your destination.

So there I am, happy on the flight reading a good book, “Midnight” by Dean Koontz, thinking that this trip has started off so well.

Then I land and pick up the rental car.  Um, why did I get charged double?  So they fix it; or did they?  My card is charged for almost double the price of the rental.  *sigh*  Okay, I can fix this.  I’m over the intended budget for the trip and worried that I have now cut into my food budget for the trip.  However, I’m sure I can use some of my hotel points and get a free night or two and that is rectified.  Right, right? 

So I get to the hotel, I talk to the front desk and manager and they tell me it should be no problem.  Then my phone vibrates on my hip; a text message from the credit card company that another charge has gone through.  I actually *sigh* and ask if they just confirmed I arrived before checking about the day.  The manager says no, the front desk clerk visibly turns red and apologizes; “I just hit enter” she says.  Ugh.

I think to myself at this point “Really?!?!?” *heavy sarcasm there* *sigh* “No worries, I’ll just use the points some other time.” I trudge upstairs to the room to think things over and figure it out.

However, this trip is turning out okay thanks to Sharon and the 75 degree weather here.  Lot’s of work to keep my mind busy. 

Just remember, OVER budget every trip, plan your time accordingly, and be prepared for the unexpected.  Your trip will go smoothly, and most “surprises” will be covered.  :)

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