Methane Gas

Okay Environmentalists:

Better gas milage on cars, got it!
Better yet lets find an alternative to oil products and the harmful gases they produce.  Got it!

Let’s come up with a way to stop farm animals from farting?!?!?!  Seriously come on!!!  Talk about a serious waste of research money!

Hmm, let’s see here, do we:
A) Find alternative sources to fossil fuels?
B) Research methane emissions from farm animals?
C) Research ways to suppress gas emissions from farm animals?
D) Misappropriate money for silly research?
E) Let’s just focus on B, C, and D?

For crying out loud people, let’s pool that collective knowledge and use the funds appropriately.  Better yet, how about you just throw some Tums in for the Farm Animals and call it a day?

It’s things like this that make us all want to pull our hair out!  For instance I rate the above study right up there with these:

Don’t try this for a friend or loved one!  <–Prayer is GOOD though folks!

Seriously, people paid actual money for these studies!

*shaking head in disgust*