Cell phone usage

Once again we find another news story about cell phone usage and the law.

Many of us reading today have cell phones.  Not only do we have cell phones but we travel for our jobs.  Something I hear often is that travelers don’t know the specific laws in the states they travel to as it regards to their cell phones.  These days it is a pretty safe bet that if you do not have a hands free device you are more than likely in violation of a state or local law while on your cell phone.  However, how many times do you see this, a person driving by you while on their cell phone?  It’s still a pretty common occurrence.  It is also pretty common to see an accident that has been caused by someone on their cell phone because they were not paying attention to the road.  So when in doubt make sure you have a hands free device such as a blue tooth headset with a voice activated cell phone.  If you don’t, please play it safe, stay off your phone until you can park your car.