March 2008

Really, a refund huh? Do you qualify?  Read the rest of the story here on MSNBC:

Mayweather vs. Big Show Honestly I paid for the HD pay-per-view just for this match.  I really don’t care much to watch the other matches at all.  Some of the […]

 Okay, I’m sad now.  Seems since the great news about NetFlix has been posted on Wall Street the NetFlix home page has gone down.  Anyone hear any news on this […]

The long awaited, much anticipated, outrageously desired download has finally arrived! No more waiting, no more Beta’s, no more RTM (release to manufacturing)! This is the REAL DEAL!  *heavy sarcasm […]

Here we are again, another MSN service having issues.  All day I have been having trouble with my Pocket MSN service. The two messages I’ve been seeing are:  Messenger service failed […]

Once again we find another news story about cell phone usage and the law. Many of us reading today have cell phones.  Not only do we have cell phones but […]