Pakistan, YouTube, MySpace and most certainly Microsoft!

Here is my question, are we really to believe that Pakistan caused the internet outages we noticed?  Read the article here

So do we all say, “ya sure … that makes sense!” or do those of us in the telecom and tech fields call the B.S.? 

Please explain to me how blocking YouTube from a nation would cause this kind of turmoil?  Does not Google and Microsoft already censor (btw, I don’t agree with the censorship) for China?  Are there not other routes in our worldwide infrastructure to prevent such “ops!” items from happening?  Then again, make a change at the DNS root level and you could cause all sort of havoc. 

Really now, there are so many safe guard in place to keep this from happening.  How did it really and truly happen? 

Please note, more than Microsoft products were affected during this outage period.  MySpace, YouTube, Microsoft and many others are examples many of us know and were extremely frustrated with around the world today. 

The big question still remains, where were the major media outlets in all this worldwide impacting outage?  Let me guess … they were trying to logon to hotmail and get their news tips?