I-75 Central Expressway

How many of you like the new HOV lanes on I75 (Central Expressway)? Seriously, what the heck is up with those rubber posts? 

I understand wanting to keep people in/out of the lane other than where you want them to enter and exit.  However, does it make sense? 

What about once you do find an entrance, do you know where it is going to allow you to get out?? 

Who designed these lanes? 

Seriously, I’ve been all around this country and I can tell you this is the screwiest HOV setup I have ever seen! 

First, when the lanes were opened you couldn’t find where you could enter!  Second, this is actually the old left hand breakdown lane that means when someone breaks down in the HOV (watch this morning’s news there are already 2 break downs and one accident in HOV) the only way out is to hit the poles and listen as they scrape below your undercarriage.  Finally, when you do find entrances (a few more have been created since first complaints) you don’t know where you can get out.  So when you enter you are at the will of the HOV until you find an exit. 

So, especially for those from out of town, these HOV lanes are confusing.  Let’s not even talk about the local’s that are confused!